How Co-working Can Build Culture, Improve Productivity, and Reduce Costs

As working spaces are continuously redefined from the gig economy, how we define work, or from unexpected events such as COVID-19, we still see the value of flexible, creative, and personal spaces within coworking offices such as Inventive Studios.

Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces

According to a Harvard Business Review article, entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals thrive in coworking spaces. The results were outstanding with those in co-working spaces scoring an average 6 out of a 7-point thrive scale. The article identifies three factors that explain why:

  1. People who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful. 
  2. They experience more control over their job.
  3. They feel like they’re part of a community.

“We really enjoy the co-working members being a part of our extended team of five. The meeting spaces allow our team to spread out into breakout sessions for ideation and working groups which was important for us. In addition to meeting spaces, the community kitchen helped build our culture by providing social opportunities such as foosball tournaments, happy hour, and general networking and conversations with like-minded people.” - Zac S.


Why Austinites Will Return To The Office | “New” Office Normals

When it comes time to return to the office, Gensler’s U.S. Workplace Survey 2020 finds that given the choice, people still prefer the office environment. According to Aquila Commercial’s survey of their clients, only about 30% of respondents believe they will allow more employees to work from home after offices are reopened.
The most frequently cited reasons for employees wanting to work in the office?

  1. Innovation
  2. Culture

Employees gathered in one space together create a sense of collaboration and culture that’s hard to replicate via Zoom calls and Slack channels. The ability to team up quickly, increase ideation, and stay focused without common home-based distractions can increase productivity and output for most, especially when every day counts on your way to getting a business going, growing, or funded.

We were hunting for additional space for our growing team and not looking to spend too much on office space. In addition to space, being in Austin, we were looking at additional amenities such as free parking and an opportunity to move in and get to work quickly. The amenities provided by Inventive Studios allowed us to save on costs and the location and its close proximity to downtown and major highways worked really well for our team. - Nabil C.

A Flexible Arrangement = Cost Savings

Putting our members first, our membership is adaptable to your constantly-changing needs. A major benefit to co-working at Inventive Studios is the extra services we provide along with office space such as:

  • A professional address
  • Executive meeting rooms
  • Phone answering services
  • Office amenities (Fully stocked kitchen, internet, printing, free parking, and more!)

For entrepreneurs, creatives, independent workers, and startups, Inventive Studios allow flexible memberships based on your needs and schedules.

We offer memberships for:

  • Day rentals
  • Monthly rentals
  • Event space rentals and meeting rooms
  • Hot desks
  • Dedicated Office Space

We understand that costs are a significant factor when selecting a dedicated office space. Our members tell us they save up to 82% in monthly expenses by moving to our north/central Austin location. In addition to office space, they tell us that the all-in-one package of internet services, free parking, and overall amenities save them even more money and time, allowing them to focus on their work and bringing new ideas to launch.

Read more about how our member, myHouseby, grew their business, increased productivity, and saved on costs with coworking.

Once we get further out in these unexpected times, we anticipate a desire for startups and entrepreneurs to have access to coworking office spaces and the community support, collaboration, and knowledge sharing provided by services. Inventive Studios offers private meeting and event rooms on a per day and per meeting basis. Once things open back up, just know that we’re here as an option for both coworking space, private meetings, and event rooms. Read more on how Inventive Studios will be adapting our coworking space due to COVID-19.

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Klarissa is our outgoing and friendly go-to gal for all things Studios. With years of expertise lying in social media, she has a passion for people and makes sure all our members feel at home. From scheduling hot desks to preparing even hotter coffee, Klarissa supports all things culture at Inventive Studios. Klarissa’s favorite part of Inventive Studios is the nap room! Inventive Studios provides office space to entrepreneurs, creatives, and start-ups. A flexible space with hot desks, meeting rooms, designated offices, and free event spaces, we provide our members with all the perks of a co-working space so they can focus on getting shit done!